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Disasters of a thirtysomething – aka Mrs Jonny from Front of House – is a Londoner with a knack for making things awkward. Follow her regular escapades on her blog, Twitter and Instagram.

Here’s her take on meeting someone special while working out:

Social sweating

Every couple has a different story of how they met. Their ‘meet-cute’, if you’re a fan of The Holiday (which you should be, you have eyes don’t you? You have a soul I presume?).

Some couples meet while out walking their dogs. That’s how Davina McCall nabbed her hunky husband. That’s how the cartoon couple met in 101 Dalmations. I’ve even heard of guys borrowing a friend’s cute dog because they know little mutts will have the girls in the park weak at the knees. Grab a cute dog and it’s not so much beer goggles as puppy goggles. Everyone looks cute holding a tiny pug in a raincoat.

Some couples meet through friends. What better way to know your Potential Significant Other isn’t a serial killer or Twilight fan, than through the stamp of approval they automatically acquire by being a ‘friend of a friend’? You think “Well, they’re friends with me they must have good taste in ALL their friendships. I bet this mate of theirs is a keeper.” But you never know…it might be Nigel from Accounts who they’ve been trying to shake off since the Christmas party 2013.

Some couples meet online. We all know a married couple who wax lyrical about how “Tinder is misunderstood! It’s actually a really, really great place to meet people who are definitely looking for marriage”. Not hook-ups. Marriage. Research by popular-if-you-like-long-forms dating site eHarmony predicts that by 2031 – and that ain’t that far away – half of all couples will meet online. What a modern world we live in. Fingers crossed hoverboards are just round the corner.

What about meeting someone at the gym? Fitness is important to you. You probably wouldn’t be reading this article if it wasn’t. You may want to meet someone like-minded (and with abs like chiselled marble). But the gym can be a sterile place: most people have headphones in, are intent on their ‘gains’, and seem to be more concerned with the reflection of their face than flirtation with your face. Plus you could get it horribly wrong – like I did once and you can read about here – and never want to show that face of yours again. Tread with caution.

Things are a bit different at Ride Republic. For a start there are a nice mix of men and women. It’s not Testosterone Central, but it’s also not just your usual 98% female Zumba class. It’s a friendly place where there’s a chance to chat before – or after – your class in Tanya’s café. Perhaps you’ll find it’s not just the smoothies that are smooth.
You might not even need to exchange names if you develop a crush on the sweatiest, hardest worker in the ride – he or she’ll be the one absolutely dominating the top of the Burn Board. Name noted. Target set.

But that’s not enough for the kind-hearted folk at Ride Republic. No, no, no. They don’t just want to leave it to chance that you get to schmooze with the hotties in your class who’ve caught your eye. That’s why they are offering a special Singles’ Ride so you can flirt while you convert fat to muscle (or whatever happens in human respiration, I didn’t really listen in Biology), followed by another wine-tasting event which follows the success of the first one!

So don’t be shy. Grab the bull by the horns and carpe diem yourself onto the Singles’ Ride on 24th September. You never know what might happen.
Best case scenario, you meet the love of your life.
Worst case scenario, you burn enough calories to be able to down a tub of Ben & Jerry’s if you don’t.

Feel the love at Ride Republic: look out for the Singles’ Ride appearing on the schedule next week!

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