Ride Essentials: Part 1 – Bike setup

As part of our new Ride Essentials series, we’ll be offering up top tips on how best to get the most out of your classes here at Ride Republic. We will also be introducing a new class format which will strip your technique right back and ensure there’s not a snippet of wasted energy when you clip into those pedals and hear the music.

The first installment is from Nina, who will guide you through optimum bike setup. Our front of house staff are always on hand to offer advice and help you out, but this is a great guide so you know what you should be looking out for, enjoy!

“Hello Ride Republic fans!

Take your fitness routine up a notch with my technical training tips. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started or an advanced rider trying to reach your goal, I’ve got you covered.

So let’s start with the bike set up!

Saddle Height
Adjusting your bike saddle height is very important, as it improves the comfort and safety of your ride. So make sure that the seat is level with the hipbone. Measure this by standing next to the bike seat and estimate by sight.

Once clipped in and on the saddle, you should have a slight bend in the knee at the bottom of the pedal rotation (be careful not to exaggerate this by dropping your heel down in the pedal – be natural).

Handlebar Height
Adjust the handlebars to a position that is comfortable and limits unnecessary strain on your neck and back. If you have any back/shoulder back problem, I would suggest adjusting the handlebars higher than the seat.

If you are still not sure how to set up your bike, please ask the instructor or a member of the front of house team before the Ride commences for some assistance – especially since the handlebars can be a bit tricky to adjust!

Saddle Fore/Aft Position
The seat adjusts forward and backwards. The best way to set this up, is to sit on the saddle in riding position, with your hands on the handlebars and the balls of your feet over the centre of the pedals. Then position the pedals so they are level with each other. Use your forward leg for the alignment check. Picture an imaginary line from the front of your knee cap straight down. Your seat is in the right position when your kneecap is directly above the centre of the pedal.

Handlebar Fore/Aft Position
Just like the seat, the handlebars can slide backwards and forwards too. You should be ensuring you have a slight bend in your elbows when you’re in position 1 (sat in the saddle, holding the base of the handlebars nearest to you). If you’re tall, you might find that when in position 3 (out the saddle, hands holding the end of the handlebars) that your knees touch the bottom of the handlebars. If this is the case, slide them forward a touch by unwinding the black screw, adjusting and then make sure you tighten them again!

Next week, I’ll talk about the various Positions On The Bike and how to maximise them.” – Nina

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