Ride Essentials: Our new class format, stripping your Ride back to basics

Ride Essentials is an all new 40 minute class with Gareth which will focus primarily on technique. This class gives new Riders the chance to build confidence and gives you all the ammunition you need for attacking the Burn Rides.

We go over your personalised bike setup so you can optimise your strength, power and speed into the bike. Advanced cyclists will also benefit from this class as we go over the correct form for getting more strength into the legs to tackle those high gears, the advantages to the different hand positions, the benefits of correct posture and becoming faster in those all important class races and super sprints!

Gareth will be running Ride Essentials every Sunday at 1.30pm. The first class is already in the schedule for this weekend, so get booked in (click here) with Gareth to build up a strong foundation to maximise your ride!

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