Top Tip: How to maximise your Burn score

“Follow these top tips to maximise your Burn score…

1. Get up, stand up!
Give yourself a little more resistance when you’re out the seat, engage your core and keep as little weight as possible through the handlebars.

2. Increase your resistance and pump up the speed:
For a more intense session, do short interval bursts during your hill ride and keep that resistance on!
Hit your top pace in flat road sprints…go go go!

3. Listen to your body
If you don’t feel like you are exhausting your muscles, you should be pushing harder, faster and stronger.

4. Engage your core
If you engage you abs throughout the ride you will have better posture AND your Burn will sky rocket!

5. Finish with protein
Eat a protein snack and drink water to keep the metabolism burning and to aid muscle recovery…make sure there is no excuse to miss your workout the next day!”


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