Wine tasting with Albi Ison – 16th July at 8.30pm

Our favourite chef and wine expert Albi Ison will be running a wine tasting session on Thursday 16th July which is free to those attending the 7pm “WINE 45” class which you can book here.

“I’ll be hosting a wine tasting evening to introduce you to the pleasure of natural and biodynamic wines. The event will take place in a casual, non-pretentious environment. It’s an evening where no one cares how you hold your glass. And no one cares how wacky your tasting comments are…

I know a 70 year old Italian spinster, who makes her own wine from her small family farm in Tuscany. I mean, she does (almost) everything. She prunes the vines, she hand picks the grapes, she presses the grapes, herself. She believes in the bounty of the earth, so she adheres to natural principles. She doesn’t add preservatives or sulphites to her wines, and she doesn’t filter it through egg whites. Most people will never get to taste wine as fresh, clean and natural as what this lady produces. But come July 16th you don’t have to be “most people” any more.
My name’s Albi Ison. I’m a sommelier, a natural wine nerd, and sometimes I run ultra marathons because I find it ‘fun’. Yes, I am regularly mocked for this!

You’ll imbibe generous samples of 3 natural / biodynamic wines during the evening, all of which I have personally curated. Each has it’s own unique character and, an often incredible story.
A lot of what you typically feel as a “hangover” comes from the effect of chemicals used in the process of preserving your every day bottles of wine. These chemicals are absent from the wines we’ll be enjoying on July 16th so if you’re working the next day, you’ve got nothing to worry about!” – Albi Ison

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